“Modern Miniatures” by Ali Soltani

Haleh Gallery is presenting the “Modern Miniatures” by Ali Soltani, born 1969, in Tehran, Iran. Having had numerous successful exhibitions throughout the world, Ali received his Bachelor of Art in 1994, from Azad University of Tehran, and worked on his thesis at the University of Lagune in Spain from 2005 until 2009. The modern miniature created by Ali is the derivative of the traditional miniature with some differences. Traditional miniature is visualization of a specific story, while Ali’s creations allows the viewer to interpret and explore through the black and white acrylic images to actually find the story. These stories come from Ali’s imagination, thoughts, and important events of his life, where each piece of art has its own individual characteristic. Ali believes in no boarders between black and white, light and darkness, happiness and unhappiness, hope and hopelessness, and he tries to reflect his belief in his creations. Past and present events at Haleh Gallery strive to bring the “Modern Miniature” while maintaining the main goal of bridging Orient and Occident. Haleh Gallery cordially invites you to the opening of “Modern Miniature” by Ali Soltani on Friday 1st April 2011. The exhibition will continue until 15th May.

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