Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends of the gallery,

We are happy to announce the next solo exhibition MUNDUS IMAGINALIS by the artist Katâyoun Rouhi.

Opening of the exhibition: 17 November 2017, 6 pm

Exhibition: 18 November 2017 – 25 January 2018

Haleh Gallery presents for the first time the artist Katâyoun Rouhi with the solo exhibition MUNDUS IMAGINALIS. In the works Katâyoun Rouhi poetry and painting merge into each other and become inseparable. Poetry is for Katâyoun Rouhi the invisible inner form of her creativity, taking its outer shape in paintings. Katâyoun Rouhis poems also address existential questions of live. Poetry and birds complement each other in Rouhi’s works in a unique way. With her created pictorial worlds, Katâyoun Rouhi admits the viewer entry to the quoted Mundus Imaginalis. Rationality is not the appropriate remedy to experience this world, but it is Katâyoun Rouhi’s synthesis of poetry and image, making the imaginative world accessible and visible.

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you during the regular opening hours at the gallery!