“We love you” by Ilana Lewitan

In this exhibition Haleh Gallery provides a platform for Love and Peace to strengthen the bridge between cultures and simultaneously allow the these cultures to embrace.

Ilana Lewitan, Born 1961 in Munich, Germany, has studied Architecture and Design at Munich University of Technology. From 1988 till 1991 she worked with Richard Meier as an Architect in New York where she received several awards for Architecture and design. Since 1992 Ilana has pursued her courier as a freelance painter, and has held numerous exhibitions worldwide.

In her creations, Ilana rides along the border between “Imagination and Truth”, “Past and Present”, “Lightness and Darkness” and uses her brush to reach ultimate freedom.

Life pictures in Ilana’s imagination are transformed to paintings and the only element remaining in these creations is the Beauty.


Halleh Gallery takes this opportunity to cordially invite you to the pre-opening of “We Love You” on 4th May 2012, at 6 pm. The exhibition will continue until 16th June 2012.

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